TTCryptoSwap launch is only a month away! We are already creating NFT collections in partnership with top crypto-media, as well as celebrities 😎

Some NFTs sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we’ll give them to TTC holders for free! To do this, you need to keep at least 200 coins on the staking wallet, and for the whole collection from 2500 ⚡️

BTC-ALPHA started buying ads from our TikTokers and took out more than 20% of coins from the exchange — the supply decreases, but the demand grows

Our Million Dollar TikTok Book is Out! A whole chapter about TTCRYPTO + active advertising and holders of 2500 TTC will receive excellent dividends in March (in addition to staking)

We enter the top exchanges BigONE and BitForex, where there are many investors and traders from Southeast Asia

The new crypto industry is emphasizing the development of security and decentralization. DeFi is the future, according to the world’s most respected digital asset analysts.

Trading in 2021 is a decentralized platform using smart contracts Swap. In an instant, Cake, Sushi and UNI tokens were at the top of CoinMarketCap. The reason became the popularity of UniSwap, PancakeSwap, and SushiSwap. Trading volumes there are comparable to those on top centralized exchanges like Binance and Huobi.

Now imagine the excitement around the world if you combine TikTok, TRON blockchain (with 100 times lower fees than Ethereum) and Swap into a single…

🔝 A new project is launched in TTCRYPTO: TikTik exchange for bloggers:

On the first day, we already received an order from Btc-Alpha for 4000 TTC (over $ 8000) and lots of advertisers who want to get advertising on TikTok will soon join!

Features of the platform: Escrow service (100% guarantee of publishing promotional videos), Blockchain oracles (independent market value of bloggers), dividends for holders from 2500 TTC and a profitable referral program.

‼️ How the dividend distribution system works:

Platform commission fee for each ad purchase is 20%. This 20% is distributed among major wallets depending on the…

For several years on the market, Tik-Tok has united a billion users from all over the world and received the title of the most popular social network among Generation Z. Is it a lucky combination of circumstances, an ideal content format, or successful marketing? Regardless of the true reasons for its popularity, the Tik-Tok audience is growing at an enormous pace.

Analysts are sure that this is not all that this video hosting is capable of. According to HubSpot, 78% of people in the world watch online videos every week, and 55% watch videos every day! …

The social network TikTok already has over a billion users all over the world, and TikTokers are becoming new opinion leaders. Loren Gray, Bella Porch, Karna.val — have you ever heard of these bloggers? Each of them has tens of millions subscribers and is growing in popularity as fast as the price of Bitcoin. What does cryptocurrency have to do with it? Let’s answer: in early January, the digital currency for TikTok bloggers — TTCRYPTO (TTC) — was released and in just a few days it has risen in price several times on the JustSwap exchange. …

TTCrypto was created for the first International TikTok exchange for bloggers and to support IT Startups (advertising in exchange for integrating the token into their services).

TTCrypto is a tokenized community of bloggers from all over the world. The currency is a means of payment on the first international TikTok bloggers exchange and is being prepared for integration into other IT projects in exchange for advertising.

The project is launched on the TRON Blockchain and allows each holder of coins on the balance sheet to receive passive income — 10% per month.

1. Passive income from holding the coins. The rate is 10% per month and new TTCrypto coins are credited to the wallet every day. Moreover, the issue is limited to 10 million. Revenue comes from selling ads on the first TikTok blogger exchange. Find more details in ttcrypto world chat

2. You can get Advertising in TikTok for free! Just keep coins in your wallet and order ads using the rewards from staking. This is the best offer on the advertising market!

3. TTCrypto has unlimited advertising opportunities. Coins are integrated into IT projects in exchange for advertising. Today, we…

A month ago, 10 million coins called TTCrypto appeared on the TRON Blockchain. From the very first days of launch, a number of TikTok bloggers started posting information about this asset on their social media accounts, which aroused interest among the crypto community. Especially when one of their videos got about 400,000 views on TikTok and was at the top of the most popular queries about cryptocurrencies. These tags are “Crypto” and “Blockchain”.

According to the founder Pavel Aleshin, TTCrypto was created for the first International TikTok exchange for bloggers and to support IT Startups (advertising in exchange for integrating…

Tik Tok is becoming the most popular social network in the world and is overtaking YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

According to forecasts of well-known business experts, Tik Tok will become the first in 2021. The demand for advertising with bloggers is also growing rapidly. For the convenience of cooperation with them, a digital coin TTCrypto has been created, with which you can conduct a transaction anywhere in the world instantly and with minimum fee.

Even before the launch, hundreds of bloggers expressed a desire to use this token. They want to accept payment in it, as well as to use it to award subscribers for their activity.

  1. According to the latest data, the social network has more than 500 million active users. ⠀ 2. Tik Tok is already ahead of other social networks in terms of the number of registrations. Celebrities actively create personal pages there, and Tik Tok bloggers are becoming more popular than YouTube and Instagram bloggers. ⠀ 3. No bots, spam, cheating, and other junk. ⠀ 4. The highest user engagement. PR services from top bloggers is ten times cheaper than in other social networks. ⠀ 5. Tik Tok audience is the whole world. Businesses can easily find customers from both the US and…


New cryptocurrency! With TTCrypto, you can now order the promotion of your products or services from any TikTok blogger from around the world

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